Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Moving Saga

Now that all of my sewing equipment is packed up, I have no way to manage my stress. So I've been drinking a lot. No, just kidding. But not really. (cue phone call from mom...) The Rent-a-green box guys were really nice, and they gave us a lot of moving/packing tips. One that he stressed several times was to drink only water and Gatorade and to eat lots of oranges and bananas. Our friends are going to be disappointed because I'm pretty sure we promised pizza and beer. But Jeff and I have been heeding his advice and staying hydrated, although it's not quelling my crankiness. I'm pretty tired of this crap. For those paying attention, we were supposed to close escrow on the 26th which came and went. The banks f***ed up in my opinion and are lagging on several fronts. The seller's bank needs to get us the terms of the short sale approval letter for us to write up the loan docs, and our bank needs the appraisal back to write up those docs, which their appraisal management company for some reason is taking forever to issue. Delays mean extensions which means more $ so we're not too thrilled.

Again, I'm trying to put things in perspective to make me feel better. We'll have a beautiful home that we think is a really good deal, we won't have to move again for a very long time hopefully, our landlords/friends are being super cool about our flexy moving date, and we have several fun trips to look forward to. Another awful thing recently happened that jerked us out of our moving bubble and into a dark and sad place. But as these things usually do, it made us realize what is important to us (family and friends, life) and minimized everything not in our control and not really even that bad. I was embarrassed that a delayed moving date was making me so upset when others were going through something infinitely more upsetting. So I'm done with it. I'll be patient and focus on the fun of moving into our first home.


Here I am geeking out with Todd and Spencer from Rent-a-green box. Such cool dudes! They took pity on us and comped us a free heavy-duty dolly to help with the move. A $60 deal! Score!

I made Spencer pose with the boxes. He was cool with it when I told him it was for my blahg.
That's 50 boxes right there, mixed with extra-larges, larges, and mediums which Spencer schooled us on what should go in each. Filling an extra-large box full of books was so tempting though!
It really feels like progress when the art comes off the walls. The house feels so bare without our babies on the wall! It was impressive to see our collection on the table though. It's going to be lots of fun to find new homes for these..
This is Jeff's inspiration wall. Those boxes hold Be@rbricks and other vinyl dolls (that took him a solid half-day to lovingly package each one back in its original packaging). All of the handled bags have a small portion of his art book collection and Mitty yearbooks. I gave a bunch of my books to the Goodwill because I was sick of packing them. This sight was worth the effort though:
It gives me such satisfaction to see all of the boxes clearly labeled and neatly stacked, ready to be moved. I swear, these boxes were the BEST decision.
And the worst thing about moving: filthy hands. UGH! I cannot stand newspaper ink and dirt on my hands, I was compulsively washing them after each torn up LA Weekly. 

That's it for now! Hopefully the next moving post will actually be of us moving...

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