Monday, March 22, 2010


Jeff and I visited our awesome friends Joie and Matt at their house in Fallbrook a couple of weekends ago and I'm just now getting around to downloading the pictures. We had, as always, a great time with them. They're hilarious and a ton of fun and have the coolest baby in the world so we're always thrilled to go and visit. Baby G is so cute now, she's learning to count and so she screams "ONE!! TWO!! FREE!! FOUR!! FIVE!! SIX!! SEVEN!!" all the way up to the teens. It's pretty impressive.

We went wine tasting at a few wineries (there are a million up there, all so scenic), ate a lot of good mexican food and Cold Stone ice cream cookie sandwiches, played Rock Band, and a rousing game of Monopoly that Matt kicked all our asses at. Best... weekend... EVER! Thanks you guys, we can't wait for Pacific Beach!!

Here's the link to our Fallbrook picture album...


ET said...

I hope you take me wine tasting when I come down for a visit. Looks great, and sure the wine also tastes great, so I am ready when you are..:-)

Liv said...

Of course! There are a few good ones in Santa Barbara too that we want to check out, but since you've already seen SB, Fallbrook might be more fun. As soon as we have a house, you can come down!