Friday, March 12, 2010

Long Beach Museum After Dark

Jeff, Jenny and I went to the LB Museum of Art for their After Dark event which was so much fun! I haven't been able to go in the past because I did MRIs at the hospital on Thursday nights but not anymore! I scored the Tuesday afternoon slot which is much more convenient. We rode our bikes down the museum 1) because it was fun, 2) because we can always use the exercise, 3) it's ridiculous to drive anywhere that's within a mile or two of our house, and 4) the museum gives you a free drink when you show up on a bike. Nice! They have Chimay beers for $4 and lots of good wines and even serve little tapas. There was a band playing and the museum was showing part of it's permanent collection from the 60s. They also had this picture kiosk that takes four pictures and then emails them to you which was super cool and free! Here are some of the ones we took:

That's our new friend Tim in the background. He's hilarious! We're going to invite him to game night.

Anyone in SoCal... next one is on July 15th! Mark your calendars and come!

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Jan said...

That's cool, I don't like museums or drinking!