Sunday, January 19, 2014

A blog retrospective

August 7th, 2007- That's the date this whole blog baby got started. With this post, alerting the internet that Jeff and I were starting a wedding blog. HA! Jeff participated for about 4 minutes and then I took it over. Naturally. Jeff is not what we call a "wordsmith." To be fair, he did at least one post all by himself, titled "My Brohans" introducing his side of the wedding party.

Some notable posts from the wedding portion of the blog:

  • Our engagement story, a nail-biting adventure where I almost chucked a Christian Dior diamond ring down a NYC sewer grate. Spoiler alert- I said yes!
  • We had a poll for our wedding mascot, my first use of a blog "widget". The leopard was a front-runner for a while until Jeff rigged the voting and suddenly the Yeti became the winner. Which is why we had a 7 foot Yeti in lederhosen at our wedding.
  • We chose the song I was to walk down the aisle to, Heartbeats by Jose Gonzalez, probably the only song Jeff and I can both call one of our favorites (he likes a lot of ambient crap).
  • We took our engagement photos.

After the wedding, we moved from Irvine to Long Beach, renting an awesome big Craftsman house in a not-so-awesome neighborhood, then bought our house a year and a half later, took an amazing trip to Scandinavia, and then got pregnant

Which is of course when blog posts went through the roof and you all got used to me posting 258 times a year. Sadly, they declined from there in a direct proportional relationship to how busy I became working full time while mothering sweet little Elsie.

Here's a breakdown of some blog schtastics for all you nerds out there:

# of posts in 2007: 18
# of posts in 2008: 42
# of posts in 2009: 212
# of posts in 2010: 247
# of posts in 2011: 258
# of posts in 2012: 147
# of posts in 2013: 70
# of posts in 2014 (thus far): 1

Making this... My 995th post!! And you all complain about how I never blahg anymore. Just go back and read the other 994 if you're that bored.

Some other fun facts:
  • My blog has been visited 139, 829 times (as of right now).
  • The post with the most page views (6936) was Baby Shower #2, thanks to my very controversial fetus cake that Jana made for me. 
  • Second runner up with 4640 views was my post on my Kanken backpack which we used as Elsa's diaper bag up until it was stolen last month out of our car. Bah!
  • Third runner up with 4501 views was about how I wanted Alexa Chung's hair color and cut. I never quite achieved it, sadly. 
My blog audience hails from the following countries:

United States
United Kingdom
South Korea


So that's a little blog retrospective for you to kick this year off. We have a major project in the planning stages right now that I anticipate a lot of blog content from (I'm not pregnant) and I'm currently working on the first of those posts. Hopefully I'll get it up soon, but don't sit around obsessively refreshing your browser to see if it's been posted yet. Just enter your email address under "Follow By Email" in the top right corner of the blog and you'll be notified when it's posted! Or follow me on a blog reader. That's efficient. 

Happy 2014 friends!

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Jamie @ said...

I love this! My how much has happened since you started the blog. Can't wait to read more posts in 2014!