Sunday, August 12, 2007

My Brohans

Hey guys,
I wanted to introduce my friends to ya'll. These are the people who sculpted me into what i am today, I don't know, but you do. These are important people, so pay attention and you will learn more about them.

To start off first, this Jake Rose, Archbishop Mitty high school friend, master of mind tricks, super articulation and world traveler, ask him anything and he'll tell you something about it.

Next, enter Jeff Cristina, Archbishop Mitty high school friend aswell. Dare devil, educator and invincible to everything on God's great earth except bananas.

Next in line, Chris Sanchez. Archbishop Mitty high school friend too. Yes, another great Catholic. Master crafts include staying up all night to conquer impossible video games and having the toughest car on the block. Oh and also Disneyland parking lot enthusiast, that's where this picture is.

Next up, Jan Trondsen. Art Center Friend, Brother of the Bride, car designer, yellow over worked eyes, big hair and fellow art center alumni. Jan introduced me to Liv as his dad's wife. Later i found out that was not true.

Finally, my Best Man Mike Castrogiovanni, St. Lucy's Grade School Friend, Yes another amazing great Catholic. Mike is someone that I've know since the ripe age of 5. It's been down hill ever since, but I wouldn't have it any other way. A true living inspiration to me in every way possible. He might as well been a brother to me because I was tortured like one through grade and high school.

It's a honor and a pleasure to introduce my half of the wedding party
Jake, Jeff, Chris, Jan, and Mike

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