Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're moving!

Hi everyone! This is so exciting Jeff and I are bursting with fruit flavor. We're moving to Long Beach! Our wonderful friends Gina and Brian were selling their 1916 Craftsman house in the historic craftsman district of Long Beach to move in to a newly remodeled duplex with their good friends Bill and Tom, godparents of Gina and Brian's son Carter, and WE SCORED IT! We're working out a rent-to-buy situation while we get settled and organized and are thrilled to Betsey.

The house is a 4 bedroom, 2 bath beauty, original hardwood floors, built-ins, box-beam ceilings... gorgeous. We move in on Tuesday and can't wait! More pictures once we're settled!

Our new address by the way, will be:
Liv and Jeff McMillan
762 N Toledo Walk
Long Beach, CA 90813


Nikki said...

It looks beautiful! What am I going to do with my "Liv and Jeff need a house" fund now?! :)

Congrats - and I can't wait to see your wedding pics! The below one is wonderful!

ET said...

You two are VERY lucky, and so are family and friends as you will now have room to accommodate the parental units and others who want to come and visit...(I certainly want to take advantage of this)

Christy Holmes said...

hooray! Congratulations, the place looks great - and four bedrooms!