Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Jeff's pooping closet

With Elsa potty training now, a second toilet in the house would be exceedingly useful. Especially since Jeff likes to check Instagram and Facebook and email while in the bathroom, sometimes being in there for hours at a time. Maybe I'm exaggerating and providing TMI, but seriously, a second bathroom will be awesome.

Because we're only a family of three (plus two fur babies) and don't have a guest bedroom, one full bath is sufficient. We really only need another toilet and sink, and the ideal location, for construction and convenience reasons, is right off the kitchen in the current laundry area. So that's the plan. Very simple rectangle bathroom, entering through the door to your left will be the sink, and to your right will be the toilet. Two feet of space in between the two, and about 8" on each side of the toilet to the walls. Basically just a closet where you get business done.

Jeff's one requirement throughout this whole planning process has been painting this bathroom with black chalkboard paint. Fine, I can live with that. It will relate well with the black kitchen cabinets, and the white fixtures and gold hardware carried through in here too will make it all jive together. Here's what I'm thinking:

Chalkboard paint and upside down bin pulls as the chalk holders (thanks Pinterest!).

Kohler Tresham toilet. I love the lines of this collection from Kohler. So elegant. You know, for a toilet.

The matching Tresham pedestal sink. I was thinking of going with a vanity for storage, but all we really need in this bathroom is hand soap, toilet paper, and a hand towel. Pretty sure I can stay on top of keeping those items stocked in the bathroom. Right outside of the bathroom are our cleaning supply closets where we can store the overstock. A pedestal sink would take up less room in the very small bathroom so I think it's the way to go. 

I'm a firm believer of staying within the same collection when possible too, especially if you're going with a specific finish like gold. The kitchen sink faucet I want is from the Delta Trinsic line in champagne bronze so we'll carry that into the bathroom too. Above is the toilet paper holder from the same Delta Trinsic line, simple and space saving. Below is the bath faucet from Delta.

I've always liked this hexagon towel ring from Urban Outfitters, I'm kind of surprised it's still on the website! I should probably snap it up soon before it sells out.

Which then relates to the Monte hexagon mirror from West Elm which will go over the sink! I'm thinking I should just buy all of this right now before it sells out and I kill myself. 

I like the Ikea Vitemolla ceiling lamp for this space too. The black stem will blend in with the walls, and be enough illumination for the small room. Can't beat that price either. 

So those are the bathroom details! Likey?