Friday, January 18, 2013

We need your help, Dad.

My dad's visit can't come soon enough. Look at the state of our backyard!

Shameful. Poor neglected bougainvillea.

Even Mother Nature is pissed at us for letting it get this bad. She shoots laser beams of sun at our baby. Pew Pew! The dilapidation of the garden makes the graffiti look more slum-like as opposed to the irreverent art look we were going for. Those basil sticks are ridiculous and I need a new lid to my "compost bin."

The beautiful camellias are blooming and we just let them fall to the ground and die.

The bell peppers are toast. I need new compost and some winter plants. And we have piles of Linus' amazing Meyer lemons just lying around, begging to be turned into curd.

Speaking of Linus, never did come up with a better solution for propping him up than these old boards. I wish the nursery would have mentioned a "standard meyer lemon tree" is actually a bush.

 Okay, the Elephant Ears are kind of rad and I don't think I want to cut them. The yoga mats are probably dry though after one month out in the sun, and can be taken down from the fence.

Sigh. It's overwhelming. Come soon Dad!!

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