Friday, January 11, 2013

Post #928- IKEA field trip

I included the post number in the title of this one just to remind you all how many blog posts I've actually done. So if you think I'm slacking, just remember, I've written 928 gems for you. Shooting for a 1000 by the year's end. Yeah right.

So after an enlightening "elimination communication" discussion with fellow mom Mandy this week, we've decided to give potty training Elsa a go. Some may think it's on the early side to start this (Elsie is 19 months right now) but Shalom is 7 months old and practically walking over to the bathroom and using the facilities herself with Mandy's patient tutelage. So I kind of feel like we're behind the times. Plus we all know girls potty train earlier than boys (because we're way smarter) and especially when they are cloth diapered babies. Anyways, we had to go to IKEA to pick up a cute little neon green potty for her and decided to test out their chair selection while we were there.

This is a super cute little play table set. The wood looks like it's painted white, but it's really a white-washed wood. So Scandinavian! Elsa rated it a 4/5.

This isn't a chair. It's a tube and it's not coming into my house. It's big, plastic, green, and Elsa just starts crying when she gets stuck in the middle of it.

There is an awesome employee somewhere amongst the Carson IKEA floor staff. 

Back to the chairs. This one is soooo cute! It's a mini Poang! So sophisticated. But seriously IKEA? Ivory fabric on a child's chair? Fabric fail. I'd sew a new slipcover for it in some sassy fabric that camouflages milk stains and smushed raisins.

Of course this is the chair that Elsa liked the most. It spins so she was into it. Too bad. It's plastic, $80, and that blue belongs nowhere near my living room.

Good thing she also loved the Poang! Okay, she didn't, but she would grow to love it if we praise her enough every time she goes near it. She is very motivated by our praise. She was probably just turned off by the fabric, as was I. But this one is only $30 and would fit it much better with our Scandinavian modern look we have going on in our house.

This wicker number was also really cute, but the cats would use it as a scratcher probably. And it belongs in a sunroom.

Elsa also wanted to test out every bed they had in the kids section. When does she get moved to a non-crib bed? I feel like 3 is the answer, but now I'm not sure.

She was very much into these little orange stuffed moose. Is Moose the plural of Moose? I never realized. Thanks spell check!

P.S. If you have any potty training tips, send them my way please. The only other time I've potty trained is with Lily Mae when heaven forbid I got the incorrect litter box and she had no idea what to do. I'm hoping Elsa will be easier.

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Anonymous said...

Elsa is 18 months now by my calculations. I'd give the toilet
Training business a try, but it might be too early, so patience.
Yes, girls are smarter...But boys can sink Cheerios.
I'd keep that beautiful, very comfortable crib as long as possible. I thought you could adapt it to a toddler bed?
I can see the cats sleeping in it!
All the chairs are cute, prefer the Poang too.