Monday, January 21, 2013

Elsa, Elsie, Elle and E.

She likes spoonfuls of peanut butter and it always reminds me of that Got Milk commercial with the dog licking PB off a spoon and then licking his chops for like 3 minutes. We're working on using utensils now and she's kind of picking it up!

Whenever we reach for a wipe to clean her hands and face, she hides her eyes, like that's going to stop us. Silly baby.

I love this dress our friends Sean and Gretchen gave us at our baby shower. I've waited impatiently for 18 months for her to fit in it! 

Jan came for a visit and I got to drive his sweet new car. We tore up the streets of Long Beach. Got VTEC dude!

I either need to shorten the straps on this dress or it's meant to be a jumper with a shirt underneath it, because it's looking a little low-cut. Modesty!

She's a fan of filling containers and emptying them, and then repeating fifty more times. Jeff gave her this mini recycling bin that she filled with handfuls of our weeds. Yes, I tried to show her how to pull up weeds. If she's going to be playing outside, she may as well be helpful.

While the rest of the nation watched the 49ers game, Elsa and I strolled around the promenade. She got a lot of comments on her fashions. The Palm Springs mod shift with gold buttons that Lynne got her, Levi's dark denim jeggings, and her gold shoes. Cutest outfit ever, right?

Geez, what did I blog about before I had a baby?? Oh right, the cats.

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