Tuesday, January 29, 2013


If I could do anything I'd want for a living, I'd open an awesome craft supply store in a rad section of Long Beach within biking distance of our house (and this would be my bike) with my Martha Stewart American Made finalist friend, Jodi. It's kind of has to happen because we have too many great ideas for it to not do it. Such as cross-stitch painted walls, maybe of the store name over the register?

Or/and these cross-stitched sheets of wire mesh, either as an art installation or maybe section name signs like "X-Stitch & Embroidery." Are you feeling the awesomeness yet??

We'll need amazing tables too, and a big cut counter for cutting bolts of dreamy Nani Iro fabric, so we'll make our guys build us these pipe and wood top tables

The store will obviously have floor to ceiling storefront windows bringing in gorgeous light all day long, but for when we host evening art openings and guest lectures/workshops from famous crafters, we'll need lots of good lighting, like this copper pipe and ceramic socket lighting at the UBIQ store in Philly:

And our bathroom probably won't have a claw foot tub or a shower in it, but it will likely have amazing tiled walls like this:

It's going to be pretty much the best store in Long Beach, and the best craft supply store in all the land. I'll keep you all posted on our progress. Dream big!

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