Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Life Hacks

These are genius. The full list of 50 hacks here.

I never eat bagel sandwiches but I think I'm going to start just so I can tote them around in a CD spindle case.

We're a little ways away from Elsie rolling out of her bed, but this is pretty smart. Unless pool noodles off-gas and she's sleeping next to toxins. Listen to me, I'm so crunchy.

YES. I need to do this tonight.

I almost burned my face off trying to light a candle with a twisted paper towel and the gas stove last night because I couldn't find any matches and I was cleaning the cat box and NEEDED a scented candle. I could have just used spaghetti! Next time.

Awesome for balancing the phone during FaceTime!

Not just for collars... sweater hems for me always need ironing and if I'm doing my bangs anyways, two birds. I feel dumb for not having thought of this before. An iron's an iron.


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