Monday, January 21, 2013

Stella & Maude & Gabriel Macht

I love Christmas. Especially in the middle of January. My friend Jodi and I finally exchanged our xmas gifts this weekend and she gifted Miss Elsa with her very own Stella & Maude kitty! I heavily hinted at wanting one on my blog post here, and my dreams were answered. Technically it is for Elsa, and I washed her face and hands and gave it to her for these photos, but that's about all the contact she will be getting with it until she stops drooling and having dirty hands. Mama's kitty. 

She talked to it for awhile, it was pretty cute. I'll try to be more on my game next time and get a YouTube video of it. She "meows" like a kitty but her version is "NEOW!" We're working on it.

It was kind of hard ripping it out of her strong little baby arms.

I'm going to want the whole collection, and since this has worked before, this is a heads-up to family members to buy me Elsa the rest of these dolls for future gifting events. The darling website is

And apropos of nothing except that both Jodi and I are obsessed with that show Suits and I want a picture of him on my blog, here's a picture of Gabriel Macht as Harvey Specter. Swoon.

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