Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Mama got some new fashions! I did a job well done on the annual conference I help to organize so I patted myself on the back with some new J Crew duds! They always trick me with their "extra 40% off sale items" sales. It's just such a good deal! 

I have never been disappointed with J Crew pants, especially their matchstick twill pants which I have in spearmint. And now I have them in neon violet! Which can be crazy, but not when paired with something a little more refined, kind of like.... A NAVY SWISS DOT BLOUSE!

Hey Gorgeous. I love anything swiss dot, but this top is really pretty perfect. And I need more pretty blouses for work. That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it. 

After I pulled the trigger on those, I got an email from the BabyGap showing off their new baby collection. Holy moly... so cute. Look at these yellow jeans with white polka dots! I want them for myself (minus the stretchy waistband). 

And this shirt! I would wear this one too! The little pink bunnies are sweet, but the trees are so sophisticated. 

I'm dying to do pigtails and hair flair on Elsa but I think I need to ease into it. She likes wearing my headbands (she tries to put them on herself but just ends up balancing them on her head like a tiara) so I think she might be amenable to something like this: 

And it's chambray! Love me some chambray. And then their swimsuits! So sweet. We need to get her a few suits for our Hawaii trip this summer so I'm keeping an eye out. I should probably get her one of the long sleeve rash guard ones but dang they're ugly. We'll have like 8 adults there to slather her with sunscreen constantly, so maybe we don't need them? These three are just too sweet. I think the first is my favorite. 

But I'll stow the Gap card for now. It's not like Elsa just coordinated an international imaging genetics conference and deserves a present or anything. I DID! ME!

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