Friday, March 23, 2012

This one is for you Carol!

It has been pointed out to me that I may have been neglecting the boys of their share of blog time recently. They are alive and well, and shall we say, spirited (loud). Thor has become a fan of Elsa, realizing that she adores them and will shower him with attention if he lets her. She's getting better about not trying to rip their ears off, but she's still a little on the grabby side. Tyr still keeps his distance. 

Thor has taken a shining to Elsa's stroller too. He curls up in the pocket underneath the seat for a nap, and like to go for a ride around the house. 

I'm on a mini-vacation from work until the first of April, so I'll try to be better about posting here in this coming week. Pinky swear.

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carol said...

They look great and Elsa is getting so big. thanks for the post and i love the stroller rider. Will they be included in the next Disney escapade? LOL!