Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reading lamp

We need a lamp by the womb chair in the living room so I can curl up and read my Kindle as the womb chair begs me to do every night. That corner of the living room is so dark and needs some illumination. It's tricky to find something that will work there though, because it's a tight space, and I don't want to block the painting there with a floor lamp. I'm not sure a hanging lamp would look great there either so I've been wishy-washy about the whole thing.

The CB2 catalog came this week though and I was flipping through it this morning with the baby and saw this genius little floor lamp. There's a magnetic pole inside of the wood stick frame and the lights can be moved up and down the pole directing the light where you want it. Pretty smart, no?

This may be an unobtrusive option to my lighting dilemma. Shipping is only $5 now so maybe we'll give it a test run and see how it looks in the room.

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