Friday, March 9, 2012

More cuteness

It doesn't take much to get me to post pictures of Elsa up here. Two comments on the last post will do it! (Thanks Dad and Jamie!)

Elsa has been such a champion eater, with the exception of two things. Star shaped pasta with a tomato/carrot sauce (what kind of Italian is she!?) she practically gagged on and then gave me a dirty look. And frozen wheat bagels- not a fan. All the books said babies loved them, Elsa not so much. Even after they defrosted and weren't cold, she would still make this face:

Here she is with her favorite treat (Mum Mums) stuck to her chin, while wearing my favorite little fleece suit of hers:

She's super into bath time and getting very splashy so we're going to have to move her to the big girl's tub soon.

My mom calls this move of Elsa's "The Flamenco Dancer". She's usually doing it while making a spitty noise and then looks embarrassed when we start laughing.

I can't resist. I have to post more from this Jude/Elsa photoshoot. They are too dang cute! Here she is trying to choke Jude out with exuberant love:

Whoa... he's looking at me. WHAT DO I DO!?

Sit back and watch him intently while he plays with my buttons.

When I work from home and take a break, I strap her to me and we water the garden together. She likes it, and I'm prepping her with the gardening knowledge she'll need when she starts her Seedlings for Sale business with Jude. Jerod has it all worked out. They'll grow seedlings from seed and then wheel them around the neighborhood in their Radio Flyer wagon selling them to suckers neighbors. They'll be millionaires by the time they start kindergarten!

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