Saturday, March 10, 2012


I sewed up this little diddy for Elsa's room today. The fabric calendar was printed by Lisa Rupp (love her designs) which is normally sewn into tea towels, but I asked Lisa for a custom listing of just the fabric so I could make this out of it. Have I mentioned how I love Etsy??

I was too lazy to make my own bias tape out of this perfectly matching aqua gingham fabric I had so I just cut a square of it two inches wider and longer than the calendar fabric, folded it over a half inch once on each side (and pressed) and then folded it again another half inch over the edge of the calendar fabric and pinned and then sewed around the inner edge, just like with bias tape. Easier and has a little more heft to it to than if I just did bias tape.

I looped a length of black ribbon through it to hang it but that wasn't sturdy enough to keep it flat, so I cut a length of a bamboo skewer for the top rod. I drew a heart around Elsa's birthday (July 12th) and hung it by the rocking chair because it was pretty much the only wall space left in her nursery. I'm going to have to cool it on the wall decorations.

And there's the pillow in it's new home!

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