Friday, March 9, 2012

Pillow craftiness

Here's a little pillow I made for Elsa last  night (I am SO happy she doesn't wake up to the sound of my sewing machine when she sleeps. My set-up is right outside her nursery door so I was a little worried, but it hasn't bothered her yet!). I used the Nani Iro fabric I love so much on the front:

And this lovely raspberry cotton gingham I picked up from JoAnn's on the back:

I was happy to find it because all the ginghams they used to have were a poly blend and this one is pure cotton. It's so much softer. I'm going to make her a ton of stuff from this.

I also put on pink ball fringe because c'mon, that's just cute. She'll probably like sucking on the balls too. And because I'm a nerd, I printed out fabric labels so everyone knows that I made it.

I bought more ball fringe in white for the lion's mane of that round pillow I want to copy, I just need to find a round pillow insert now! The pillow insert selection at JoAnn's is severely lacking.


Jamie said...

Adorable! You should do a sewing skills are not up to par.

Kelly Jeanne said...

Love the embroidered patch! So sweet!

Liv said...

Thanks friends! I'll totally do a tutorial with the next one Jamie. The pillow case is super simple, but the ball fringe kind of got in the way. I'll take some pictures of how I do the next one to show how it works. :)