Saturday, March 10, 2012

I love you GapBaby...

The Gap has pretty amazing sales. This weekend is one of their family and friends sales where everything is 40% off! That's a pretty great deal. I ordered a couple of things for myself online ($22 premium jeans! $10 lovely work sweater!!) and Lynne and I popped in there today to see the goods in person. Elsa threw a fit just as I got in the fitting room so I aborted the mission and saved a few dollars. She miraculously calmed down and was a peach when we entered the Gap Kids section of the store however. Hmm.

Auntie Lynne bought her THE CUTEST little ballet pink tiered tulle swimsuit. My dad is already passing out with excitement over seeing Elsa in her baby pool, so this picture might send him over the edge. We need to get that baby pool blown up ASAP while these temperatures are still in the 80's!

My friend Jen hooked us up with adorable little bikinis from Gymboree where she's a designer, so I reluctantly passed on buying this one since we didn't need it, to which Lynne said "Yeah no. That has to come home with  us." It's a 6-12 month size so it'll last us through the summer, and we plan to do a whole lot of swimming. "Swimming".

Something I couldn't pass up though was this amazing trench coat. It's for when she's a toddler, and is in the 12-18 month size, so she'll be wearing it when she's walking. It has the raddest neon pink piping and the buttons are so great. And it was only $19!

Tres chic. And this next dress didn't come from the Gap but it's another lovely piece just sitting and waiting for Elsa to get big enough to wear it. Our family friend Monica bought it on a whim for Elsa and it's so darling. It's a pinwale corduroy with a drop waist. So flapper-ish!

This baby has got some fashions.

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