Thursday, July 28, 2011

2 weeks 2 days and I haven't eaten her yet.

She's still pretty precious... Definitely throws more hissy fits than she did in her first week which made us freak out and think the harness was hurting her, or that she was gassy because I drink a lot of soy milk and have a cup of coffee in the morning, or that she was broken. Our pediatrician said we could try the baby gas drops (which we bought immediately) or I could try an elimination diet (no thanks, I'll take the screaming baby AND my morning cup of coffee thanksverymuch), or we could just get real and realize that babies cry for no good reason. So we're dealing. Sometimes well, sometimes not so well.

She was good last night though and I got a few solid chunks of sleep in, so I feel awesome today. Another great discovery today is that she loves the Ergo carrier!! I still need to figure out how to wrap her in the Moby where it works with her harness, but the Ergo is a snap on and drop baby in set-up and she's a happy camper moving around with me wearing it. Thanks Mark and Lisa!!

No time for hair and make-up with a baby. Well actually, now I might now that I have my hands back!

She makes a lot of funny faces and throws up gang signs with her spastic little hands. It's so cute, and I'm trying to capture them in photos and video so we can make fun of her when she's older.

Our friends have been SO great these past few weeks. I love the texts from people checking in with us (especially since I'm bad at carrying my phone around with me and usually miss phone calls), and how accommodating everyone is when we tell them they can't come over to see the baby because she's freaking out and mommy hasn't changed out of her milk stained peejays yet. Mandy also made us a super yummy lasagna full of veggies and light on cheese (she knows me so well) which sustained us for a solid three days of dinner, and Mark and Karen came over and brought us a sushi dinner! It was great because I could hand off the screaming baby to Karen and she was all over her. Quiet in a few seconds.

They also brought us the sweetest gifts, as if they haven't hooked up this baby enough already. Karen embroidered (and altered!) this sweet little swiss dot dress with her name and kitty, and the sweetest little dedication on the inside.

 It will be perfect over her harness too. The onesies aren't fitting too well with the hip straps so she's mostly in shirts and diapers (she finally fits into her cute colorful g diapers!!) and some dresses.

Mark made her these monogram cardboard letters for her nursery too, and I can't wait to hang them up. The colors are perfect, and it's so sweetly personalized. Artist friends are the best!

She does this a lot. She'll have a major freak out and then two seconds later looks like this:

Such a faker! She's also still doing those random jerky movements where she throws her arms out to the side and does spirit fingers. It startles me sometimes.


kmg said...

Hahahahaha! I LOVE your sense of humor and that it has carried into parenthood. Amazing pictures. Amazing baby. Amamzing parents! Way to go Liv! I am impressed, but not surprised! :)


ET said...

I love these pictures and, of course, your running commentary. What were we doing in the days when we didn't have blogs? Of course, as new grand parents we are especially fond of all of this, and even more so of the Skype video sessions we have had. We can't get enough of them.

Keep'm coming, Liv. I know the whole family and friends--and especially those far away (Scandinavia and Miami)--are especially grateful for your blog posts and your great comments that go with the pictures.

So thanks for all of us.

Dre said...

You are very entertaining! I love reading about the baby, keep it coming!

erin said...

elsa is adorable. love her "spirit signs"! congrats to you a jeff and i'm glad all y'all are healthy! -erin

Henry Miller said...

yeah ergo! That should make your life easier! I'm glad you haven't eaten her yet!