Thursday, July 21, 2011

I miss my housekeepers.

Also known as our moms. They came down for a week the day after Elsa was born and were SUCH a big help. They cooked and cleaned and bought us groceries and changed maybe half a diaper. I think they were trying not to take over so that we could do our parenting thang. :) Still, all the emotional support they provided that transitional week was oh-so-appreciated. And now the real test begins. Jeff is off teaching this week so I'm at home with the baby. Alone. I'm feeling pretty good about it so far though, even after a pretty sleepless night (I swear, she fed *probably* 18 times last night. She'd latch on, suck for a few minutes, fall asleep, I'd wait a few minutes and then sneak her back into her bassinet, lie down, and she'd start wailing. Repeat x 18.). If I feel good after that, I'm thinking I'm going to be alright.

The moms got a lot more pictures than I did this past week and in reviewing what was on my camera, I'm pretty annoyed that we didn't get more pictures of the moms with Elsa. Hopefully they did!

Jerod and Karen and baby Jude came over so the babies (and future BFFs) could finally meet. Look how thrilled they are!!

Dads and their babies. Seriously nothing sweeter.

My mom crocheted these little matching Viking hats for Jude and Elsa. Jude's actually fit! Elsa's is still a little bit big. Jeff wants to dress Elsa as Kim Jong Il for Halloween (don't ask, someone put that in his mind and now he wants nothing more than to dress his baby girl as a Korean dictator) but I'm thinking a Viking and Valkyrie would be pretty awesome. We can turn a Radio Flyer wagon into a Viking Ship for added effect.

In my last post, my dad said my head looked really weird, I guess because I was bent over and kissing Elsa's head, making the perspective out of whack. So here's my head looking normal Dad.

I think she likes this swing... not as much as her bouncer but she mellows out in it when the washer or dryer is on (the laundry room is right next to wear we're keeping the swing). Another awesome hand me down from Karen and Mark!

I put my mom and her embroidery skills to work, stitching on Elsa's first growth chart entry. Look how perfect her stitches are... I should have had her redo the numbers that I stitched too!

Sue brought this *adorable* denim dress for her. It will have to live in her closet for awhile (her whole body probably fits in one of the sleeves) but it was too cute to pass up. The buttons are covered in really sweet fabrics. I love it.

My mom also went to town with the amigurumis. She made this little seal:

A mouse and a cookie, which apparently goes with a book we don't yet have:

And this fashionable little bear, with a fascinator!

Love 'em. The moms too. Thanks for coming down and helping Mom and Sue!! Come back soon!!


Nikki Menda said...

The viking hats are a-maz-ing! And you, missy, look gorgeous!!

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