Sunday, July 24, 2011


How old does a baby have to be before you can drop them off in the IKEA babysitting station while you shop? Is 2 weeks too young? Because IKEA has some awesome stuff right now...

Pale pink Ovantad vases, only $1.99 each! So pretty for little blooms.

Skurar hanging plant vase, $4.99. Really sweet, cool for growing herbs in the kitchen.

Socker trellis support in fun colors, $2.99. I need to plant more vegetables that require structural support so I can buy the pink ones.

Broccoli head toy wearing a gingham dress. Enough said. Want.

The famous Urban chair is back, in black, and in kid size. Awesome and future design classic that I'm sure will be discontinued because that's what IKEA does. Elsa needs one of these for the dining room, even though she can't sit up and already has a tripp trapp.

I need to figure out the Moby wrap so Elsa and I can go shopping!


Dre said...

no way! does Ikea really have a babysitting station?? LOL that is funny. I have only been to Ikea once in my entire life. I nearly had an anxiety attack.

Kayteedids Couture said...

You will LOVE wearing the Moby wrap!! Checkout Babywearers International, I'm sure there is a chapter near you. Even if you don't join, they would love to help you figure out the wrap in the best way. :) Give sweet Elsa a hug and kiss from us!