Sunday, November 7, 2010

Patio #2

We continued the patio project this weekend (on Jeff's insistence surprisingly, not mine) and did a lot of digging, weeding, raking, digging some more, and raking some more and finally got to the fun brick part today. Jeff initially got 160 bricks which he eyeballed to be "more than enough. Maybe we can even build a bench with the rest." 382 bricks later, we finished!

The whole project isn't quite done yet. We have to go another pass with the cement sand in between the bricks and then we're going to be planting moss in the gaps between the brick and the other winding pavers. Then it's done! And ready for the BBQ and the fire pit!

Jeff basking in the sunlight, and the feeling of a good day of hard labor. 

Linus the lemon tree is so much happier in his new dirt and bricked in square! We repurposed these bricks that we found in the dirt patch to bring a little elegance to Linus.

Jeff was all about that stamping tool, until he got a mean blister from it. He cheered up when I gave him a Spongebob Squarepants band-aid. 

TA-DA!! Pretty, right? Ignore all those holes along the side. They'll be charmingly filled with moss soon. 

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Jerod said...

WOW!! Nice work guys! Finally, an outdoor dance space.