Monday, November 29, 2010


Two years and five and a half months later, we have our wedding pictures framed and hanging up! We put it off for awhile wanting a special place in our new home to put them and with the big empty hallway wall freshly striped, it was the perfect place. We got the frames from IKEA (Ribba birch wood frames) but unfortunately either the frames were an irregular size, or the prints were. We needed to get the mats recut and I foolishly went to Michael's first. They are so incredibly useless when it comes to framing. You're either going to pay $387 for a custom frame or they're not going to be able to help you at all. The latter was my case. *sigh*

I went then to our local awesome art supply store in Long Beach, Lyon's Art Supply, and they were able to cut them for me and ready for pick up the next day. Best part- 50 cents each! $3.00 total! So awesome.

Next up- our wedding photo album!

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Nikki Menda said...

Oh my gosh! Gorgeous!! It looks stunning.