Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holy 31!

I turned 31 on Friday! Holy moly time flies. Kind of crazy. But I have a good feeling I'm going to like this year. It certainly started off great!

Look how pretty my new necklace!! Jeff is a good gifter. It's made by Stephanie Simek and is a Japanese quail egg coated in 23K gold leaf on the inside (and coated in plastic for strength) and hangs from the most delicate 14K gold chain. Loves it!!

We did a little shopping down in Belmont Shore (I only got gum! Black Friday left everything picked over).

My parents took us out to dinner at La Parolaccia later that night. Jerod and Karen live around the corner and joined us, as did Jan's girlfriend Meghan. They sang me happy birthday and we dug into the assortment of desserts that we ordered. Sooo good! My mom's going to be so mad I used this picture but it was my birthday and this was the one that I looked good in.

This is my "Hey, I'm 31 and I still look good in plaid flannel" pose.


Anonymous said...

I looked at the menu for the Italian place you mentioned and it looks pretty good. I take it that you would recommend it?


Liv said...

YES! La Paro is soooo good. They give you this sundried tomato pesto with fresh bread while you wait that is the best thing ever. The pizzas are thin crust, big, and amazing, the wine is cheap and great, and the pastas are deelish too. Jeff always get the putanesca, the pasta of the whores! Let's go together sometime.

Anonymous said...

Count me in for next time.