Saturday, November 6, 2010

Better than clear!

Mandy and I did some experimentation with some cheap clear glass vases I had, spray painting the insides with gold and copper paint. We think they turned out pretty neat! We like that it hides the stems and floral foam and brings a rich metallic touch to an otherwise basic arrangement. We have a wedding booked for May and the bride wants some copper touches so we'll see what she thinks of these.

I love carnations. I really, really do. Especially when they are 25 for $8.99.

I did a little urban foraging for this bouquet... it's basil that bolted from a few of our gigantic plants. It smells sooo good, and looks pretty cool too I think.
This is one of those ubiquitous crystal bowls that you can find in just about every thrift shop. I think a little silver polish would shine up that rim, but we kind of like the weathered and tarnished look, especially with the copper and contrasted with the fancy looking cut crystal.

Our camellia trees have started blooming, and these guys fell to the ground. Such a pretty color, how lucky to have these already in our backyard when we bought the house!

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Nikki Menda said...

Cool! They look great! I would have LOVED some metallic blue ones at my wedding! I'm sure the bride will love the idea!