Saturday, November 6, 2010

Our new bedroom!

It really feels like a whole new master bedroom... we love the new furniture. The bed is so comfy and the room looks so much more put together now. I'm really pleased with myself over it. :)

See how cute my dresser is in between all that Danish modern?? Jeff's wood dresser would have been way too much wood, plus he really likes the new one. More space! I love that huge mirror and the new placement of the art. 

The bed fits perfectly on this wall. I would have wanted to center it under the long window but Jeff was uncomfortable with that. He said he could then see the ghosts in the hallway. Yup, I'm serious.

I always see things I want to change when I take "styled" pictures. It looks perfect to my eye until I see it in a picture and then I find things that can be tweaked. Like the leopard balsa wood piece. I think it needs to be lowered now. Hmm.

A close up of the dresser. Gorgeous. And it smells like almonds now thanks to the Method wood furniture polish I used on it!

And my baby girl. 
She's all better! She's not cooperating for this photo but she is accepting the new furniture and her lack of hiding space under the bed (although it took her about 3 minutes after we assembled it to figure out she could squeeze into one of the storage drawers under the bed). I even jazzed up the bedding. Because of Lily Mae's bulimia, we usually throw some yardage of whatever waterproof fabric I have on hand over the covers, but after organizing our linen closet, I found this Marimekko birch trees shower curtain I bought on sale at Anthropologie that we had in the downstairs bathroom at the old house! A new life for it. It almost looks like actual bedding...

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