Monday, December 7, 2009


Jerod and I went stamp collecting the other day on our lunch break and both scored some gems. He found this great little stamp shop close to work that was very well organized and run by a nearly deaf old man that kept shouting "HUH!?" when Jerod asked him if the English stamps were filed under the UK or England. But he was very nice and let us rummage through all the little bins. I found these cool old stamps from Norway and Cuba (how cool are those Cuban dinosaurs!?) and then also got a bunch of unused US stamps that I'm going to put on my post (you're in for a treat Lynne). It was such a good deal too, the Int'l ones I got were only a couple bucks total and the US ones were only a penny over their denomination. Jerod found a bunch from Israel with rainbows and Science, his two favorite things. It's going to be our new lunch hangout.

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