Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Here we go again!

Sooo... we kinda put another offer on a house that came on the market on Christmas Eve and the seller accepted it!! As you may remember, we're getting super close to opening escrow on the Golden house, but we thought we'd put an offer in on this one in case anything with Golden fell through. And THEN we saw the house in person and fell in love. This house is perfect. It's 600 square feet bigger than Golden (1644 total), a two bedroom, one bath home but with a big den and a big formal dining room. It's adorably vintage with original tile and cabinets and the backyard is nicely landscaped and fairly big. It's in the same neighborhood as the Golden house (so still close to Mandy and Seth!)  and on a nice wide street. Drawback- it's another short sale. The listing agent wants us to open escrow though while we wait for the bank approval so we're hoping it won't drag on for too long. But even still, this house is worth the wait. Check it out!

Check out the doorknob!

The floors throughout are refinished and gorgeous, and the stone fireplace matches the stone on the front of the house. We love that big picture window in the front, and there's a secret cabinet under the window to stash firewood and black widows!

The formal dining room is huge! We love the chair rail and the big windows.

These inset ceilings are in the living room and bedrooms too. Neat feature!

I love vintage kitchen tile. This one has pale yellow and blue tiles. The appliances are new (although stainless steel would have been cooler) and the flooring is spic and span. It's big enough to have our round table in here too or maybe an island.

This is my favorite feature! It's the original milk cubby that the milkman would leave milk in from the outside of the house!

This is the room in between the den and the hallway, we think it'd work well for Jeff's studio.

A laundry room! With tons of storage! And it's in the house!

 Check out that pink bathroom set... it's in surprisingly great condition. So retro!

At some point it'd be nice to put in a double sink, but it'll be painful to get rid of that cute pink sink and tiles!

The bedrooms are really big and have great storage. In both closets they have built in shoe ramps that you lean your shoes on, which I guess was popular back then. I need multiple shoe ramps. The hallway though has two huge closets with lots of shelving which is something the Golden house was definitely lacking.

The backyard is smaller than Golden, but it's really nice. This plot behind the garage and in front of the back fence would be perfect for my vegetable garden!!

The yard has nice trees too, like this camellia next to the garage door.

I have no clue what these hard green pods have inside of them, but they look cool! And the orange tree is chock full of them!

The garage door is new and automatic and there's a fence in front of it too that separates it from the driveway and street. Great for when we get a puppy!

There's a nice stone patio big enough for our outdoor table and chairs and a bbq. The den has sliding glass doors that lead to the backyard.

Can you tell I'm smitten? We got the signed and fully executed offer back from the seller today and are going in to sign off on the disclosures tomorrow morning so it's looking good! It will likely take a few more months before we get the bank approval and close escrow, but this gem was too good to pass up. Let's hope this is The One!


ET said...

Looks great, Liv. Hope things work out well and you finally will have a chance to start doing the various "house projects" you no doubt have already planned.....

Kelly Jeanne said...

I love the door, and the tiles on the front of the house and around the fireplace. So cool that they match! I wonder if that milk thingy can be turned into some sort of doggy door? That would be cool . . .

It's adorable! Good luck you two!!

Happy new years!