Friday, December 11, 2009


Jeff finally finished his Lost pieces!! They look spectacular. The show these pieces are for is being held at the 1988 Gallery in LA on Tuesday, and will feature a ton of paintings by different artists. Jeff did a huge tryptic that includes a lot of the show's main characters and pivotal moments over the five seasons it's been on the air. We're going to go see the show on Tuesday, and we heard word that several of the show's main characters in addition to the writers and producers will be in attendance. I'll take more pictures then hopefully!
The show of course started with the plane crash that stranded the characters on the island, so Jeff made the broken fuselage a big piece. Also characteristic in the show was a big black fog that terrorized the island's inhabitants. Jeff made the burning smoke from the fuselage look instead like the black fog. So smart!
Here he is doing last minute touch ups. Seriously last minute. He pulled an all-nighter last night to get this done in time for today's deadline. It's a classic Jeff move but I'm very impressed he pulled it off. You should have seen what it looked like yesterday!
There are way too many show scenes in this painting to describe them all... if you don't watch the show, you're missing out!

Ben's face is my favorite. It is SO good.
Okay, maybe John's face is my favorite. And Vincent the dog!
The polar bears were pretty significant in the story line too.
Juliet and Said's faces are crazy real also. Good job Jeffy!


ET said...

Congratulations, Jeff, for some GREAT work. I wish we could be down there and attend the show to see the pieces in person. Since we can't be there, we are glad we could see your work in Liv's blog. And thanks for the explanations, Liv, as I, of not familiar with the show--focusing my TV time to a bit of soccer, as you know:-).

I am sure the actors of the show will greatly appreciate you work. Have a great time tomorrow.

Kelly Jeanne said...

I am a huge Lost fan! He did an amazing job!!! Sawyer is my fav, try to get a pic of him for me ;)

Ben's face looks really good, but very impressed with how John Locke turned out!

Nikki Menda said...

That is fantastic!! One of my favorite shows :) That will be completely exciting for you guys! I kept looking at it going - that one's my favorite! No, that one is! Really amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Kelly Jeanne said...

I was looking at a copy of Entertainment Weekly at my parent's house tonight and there was an article about the show on Tuesday! Couldn't find the article online, but it you are by a newstand it is the issue with Sandra Bullock on the cover and it's on page 24.

-seth said...

Awesome work Jeff! You rock! The likenesses are uncanny. Awesome job!

Liv said...

Thanks Kelly!! We'll check out that magazine. I'm still coughing plus I have to work at the hospital tonight (I wear a mask) so I can't make it to the show unfortunately but Jeff promised to take pictures!

Kelly Jeanne said...

found some video from the show and you can see people interviewing jeff in front of his painting.

scroll down to the third video and you see him at the 2:40mark.