Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Anima, a show by Jill Bliss that I've already blogged about, opened this past Friday at a gallery in Portland. The pieces are SO incredible. Check it:

Aren't they gorgeous? I would LOVE that Elk piece. I would probably exchange Lily Mae for it if someone wanted to do a deal. You can imagine my excitement when I saw on her blog that she was making prints of a few of the pieces (the originals go for between $1500 and $6000, a wee bit out of my budget) and I had a spaz attack when I found out she was selling them for only $20 each. They went on sale at Buyolympia.com on Saturday, but much to my disappointment, they put a horrible bright background on them! The artwork stands out SO MUCH MORE on a white background (which is why every freaking gallery has white walls) and the green is so distracting to me. Not to mention wouldn't really go with anything we already have. I am so bummed. I hope someone requests them with a white background and she acquiesces.

By the way, I should have been using this new blog editor months ago. It makes it so much easier to size and move pictures! I'm dumb for not realizing it was there earlier. I also changed the width of the blog and postings by editing the html. I'm getting fancy! The blogging future is bright.

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