Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My closet plans

I'm pretty OCD. I don't take that statement lightly either, because I've seen patients with real OCD and I know it ain't pretty or fun. But we all have a touch of it, and some more than others. I seemed to have inherited this trait from both my parents. My mom has specific (i.e. correct) ways of doing things and if said things are not done in that specific way, it bothers her. My dad on the other hand has no specific way of doing anything, ever. He DOES however have to do that thing that is bugging him right then and there no matter the preparation, skill, or time involved. I am SO my parent's daughter.

An illustrative example of both: my closet. My clothes hung from a collection of those plastic tubular hangers that you get at Target in a bunch of different colors and a few wood IKEA hangers thrown in as well. The other day as I was picking out something to wear, it dawned on me how much it bothered me that the hangers don't match and that some are different in size so everything hangs at different levels. I marched over to Jeff's computer and went to and ordered me up enough lovely matching ivory velour covered hangers to complete the closet (I counted). I had a cash back offer from The Container Store (thanks BofA!) plus they were on sale so it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. I had the option of picking up my order in store that day which was awesome because this needed to be done ASAP now that it had started bothering me. A few hours later, new closet!

I should have taken a before shot so the after shot would impress you. Oh well. Of note, all of my skirts and pants had matching wood hangers thanks to a ridiculous sale at IKEA one day.

So now that I've done all that work on my closets, it made me think about what our closet situation is going to be like at the new (much smaller) house. Jeff is being all unreasonable and asking that we keep some of his clothes in the house and not in his detached garage/studio, so that cuts down on the existing closet space for me. The house has two bedrooms, one with a big window facing the front yard, and one room with a smaller window facing the backyard. We're going to need to measure once we get the house, but I'd rather have the back room if it's the same size (seems like it is) so we can build "built-in" wardrobes to surround our bed. I got the idea from this blog I read called Young House Love, which is about a young couple falling in love with their first home. Before:


I love how their bed is nested into the wardrobes and how soft the curtains make it all feel. I also dig the idea of the light sconces above the bed since we both like to read in bed. I've given up the pricey Nelson Cigar sconce dream and found these lovelies which would be awesome with a project like this:

They are from Schoolhouse Electric and are part of an artist series done by Yellena James, though the drawings remind me of Jill Bliss. Jeff just came in to check on me (still sick, sniff!) and he approved of the lights! You just have to tell him it's part of an "artists series" and he wants it. :)


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Liv said...

Hey thanks Anonymous! Maybe it's just my job that's getting more tedious but I find myself turning to this thing more often as an outlet. I appreciate the comment!

Anonymous said...
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