Monday, December 7, 2009

Inköpen njutningen

I really don't know what my life would look like now had IKEA not decided to expand to the US. I love this store. I went fabric hunting this weekend for sturdy fabrics to make my mom's replacement purse (she either used the one I made her last year so much it got trashed, or she's just tired of it and is demanding a new one claiming her old one is falling apart) and of course IKEA did not disappoint. Their Snoa fabrics are on sale now too for $1.99 and are a really nice medium weight canvas. They definitely expanded their textile section though and I was so excited about their new offerings. I think the patterns are gorgeous, and so cheap compared to what you would normally pay for that yardage in a similar-looking Japanese print. Here are some pics I snagged online of the new fabrics :
The little rabbits running from the big fox and the deer on the mountain top are the coolest. One repeat of this scene would make such a cute pillow for a kid's room.
Bizaare but fantastic. A lot of the prints reminded me of Josef Frank's, only they were about 100 times cheaper.
This one is so modern with the lines. And look Mom! Some of the birds are out of their cages so it's not cruel!
The batting rams and the colors of this one probably make it my favorite. This one would make nice fall pillowcases. Is it obsessive or practical to change out throw pillowcases with the season? I don't do it... yet.
This burlap looking linen with white dots would be great for so many projects. It's huge too since it comes precut in 35"x118" pieces, and not bad for $24.99.

Pendant garlands are everywhere right now it seems like. Very on trend, IKEA...
These are really gorgeous in person. They are handsewn by women in India and are patched together with different fabrics, so each is unique. They're pricey at $49.99 but that's what you get when they don't come mass produced out of a machine or sweatshop.

These glasses are just like the Bodum ones! Double walled for insulation, and cheaper too at $9.99 for a 2-packof 14 oz glasses.
Our house has no heater and the one space heater we have that doesn't short out our fuses is parked right next to my side of the bed (with Lily Mae usually directly in front of it). Downstairs is SO FREAKING COLD right now that I have to bundle up to watch TV. I really want a pair of these artic socks from IKEA but I couldn't find them in the store plus I could just picture what Jeff would say when he saw me wearing them. :(
How Scandinavian are these?? They're the perfect size for the gifts I'm making this year and they are perfectly reuseable so I picked up a pack ($2.49 for 3, a deal if you reuse them a bunch!).

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Diana said...

Love the fox and rabbits AND the batting rams...Either would make a lovely purse for moi....