Monday, November 9, 2009

Ugh, just give it to us already!

Still waiting on the bank. So in the meantime I'm fantasizing about painting the kitchen. The kitchen in the Golden house is super nice and completely remodeled, but it's small and has a ton of cabinets. That's a good thing, except it's a whole lot of wood for the eye to take in. The countertops and backsplash are beige Corian, the floors are refinished wood like the rest of the house, and the appliances are stainless steel. I think painting the upper cabinets a different and lighter color from the bottom cabinets helps to make the kitchen seem not so overwhelmed with cabinetry. I'm thinking maybe an ivory for the uppers and a darkish gray for the lowers, and a light green-blue for the walls. Lily Mae's colors! Here's an inspiration photo:

I got really excited when I saw this Ryobi painting tool that pumps paint straight out of the can into an edger and a roller which would make painting SO much faster I'd think. All of my joy was lost though when I read the reviews about how crappy it is, and how everything clogs and breaks. I guess we'll be doing it the old-fashioned way... provided we eventually GET the house...

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