Sunday, November 1, 2009


Mandy is terrific and sent me her photos from Jeff's birthday party. She took some pretty great ones of the Butts-Up game. My mom thought it was a drinking game when she first heard us say it (I guess it does sound like that!), but it's also known as Wall Ball in some states. The point is that you chuck a racquetball ball at a wall, someone tries to catch it on the bounce back, and if they miss or if it falls out of their hand, they have to high-tail it for the wall and try to touch it before someone else grabs the ball and chucks it at the wall. If you don't make it to the wall in time, you get a B. When you spell BUTT, you have to assume the position on the wall and the person that got you out gets to chuck the ball at your butt. It's awesome, and lots of fun. Just a little pain. Pictures!!!
Me & Ed's pizza parlor. It was live piano night and the piano player took requests! Jan was super impressed with their pizza, and he's a connoisseur when it comes to pizza so we enjoyed.
We were so lucky to find this perfectly lit, legal butts-up wall. We thought we might have to just find an elementary school and use a building wall, but that would have involved hopping fences and possible breaking and entering charges. And it was right around the corner from the pizza parlor!
I thought we might have too many people for the game but it turned out great. The game kept moving with so many people and everyone was running and playing. The game totally brings out the third-grader in you.

Jana got Jan out so she got to peg him in the butt. Look at that wind-up!
Jana and I both got out at the same time so we had to take it together.
I think he was aiming for a boy in this shot. Jerod's a gentleman, and lobbed the balls at the girls and fired them at the boys.
Yup, he was aiming for Jeff. Jeff was helping by pointing out where the ball should hit. He shouldn't have done that.
After butts-up, we went to the Puka Bar which is right down the street from where our new house will be! It's a super cute, Tiki-themed tropical bar, and we had a really good time there. The DJ was awesome. With 5 professionally trained artists at the table (Jeff, Matt, Kurtis, Seth and Jan), you know someone was going to bust out a pen and start drawing. Matt kicked it off with portraits, this one of Jan cracked everyone up.
Birthday boy!
I made a confetti cake for Jeff (his request) and made a vanilla frosting/marshmallow icing dyed booger green (also Jeff's request). It was really yummy but SO sticky. We left marshmallow fingerprints all over the Puka tables and chairs probably. Oops...

Good times! Thanks for coming out friends!


Anonymous said...

Looks like I missed out on the Butts Up fun and Puka Bar. I've been wanting to check that place out so if you guys are ever up for a drink please let me know. So you guys did end up getting one of the houses you were talking about at the pizza parlor?


Liv said...

Not yet!! It's a short sale so we're still waiting on the bank to accept our offer, but we're the top offer on the house and they're supposed to let us know this month. We're going to be seeing a lot of the Puka bar (it's close to Mandy and Seth too!) so we'll definitely give you a ring next time we go. Thanks for coming out to pizza Roger!! It was great to see you as always...