Saturday, November 7, 2009

Skinny Bitch

I just finished reading this book that I picked up from the library yesterday (it was a quick read! I'm not a speed reader.) and enjoyed it a lot. The authors are really funny and tell it like it is. I like reading health and wellness books (NEVER diet books, those suck) and always come away with a few new healthy habits that I try out for awhile (and sometimes keep!). I'm going to switch up my morning coffee for this loose-leaf hot green tea with fruit flavor which I think will be gentler on my tummy than the acidic coffee I'm used to. I'm also rarely hungry in the morning but could easily eat a piece of fruit, to put something in my belly and knock out one of my daily servings. I read in several places that eating an apple wakes you up and energizes you quicker than the amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee. So maybe that apple will help with my coffee withdrawals.

I also try to buy organic food and beauty products whenever I can but I know I can do better. The price difference of 60 cents will usually give me pause to go with the organic, but good lord, it's 60 cents for something SO much better for us and the earth. I'll suck it up next time I go to the store and will make better choices. I'm also switching to organic red wine now. Jeff and I buy the cheapy stuff because we're not oenophiles by any means, and we think it's tasty enough. In addition to it being organic and a better choice, it's also very likely to be more expensive, which will force wine drinking to be more of a treat for us. It's pretty easy to fall into a glass of wine with dinner habit, but the more I read about alcohol intake and health, the less it's looking like 7 glasses a week is a good idea.

I also borrowed the Skinny Bitch recipe book, so that's the next read. They're all organic, vegan, and healthful recipes. I need to start making a few trial dishes for our Thanksgiving feast, and maybe I'll find a few in it.

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