Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy 90th Abuelo!

Our trip up north this past weekend was great. Jan cruised us up and down in his borrowed Honda Odyssey (I snuggled up in the very last row of seats and stretched out and read most of the trip while Jeff was up front with Jan) and we got a lot of family time in. My aunt Margarita and cousin Diana came out from Miami and it was so nice to spend time with them. We also hung out with Sue and Grammie, Max and Kate, Matthew and Kellycopter, and Jeff's friends in Campbell. We packed quite a bit into our trip as usual, but came back early enough on Sunday so as not to feel completely spent. It was a great trade-off doing this trip instead of the drive over Thanksgiving, and might be a tradition we'll continue.

We celebrated my grampa's 90th birthday in San Mateo at a favorite restaurant, La Fonda. I always think of Lafawnda from Napoleon Dynamite when I hear it but they couldn't be more different if they tried. The food was deelish and the company even better. Here are some pics:
The whole group at La Fonda's. That's Abuelo at the end playing the role of Jesus in this Last Supper-looking photo we took.
Jan and I with Abuelo.
Oh Mom. I'm starting to think she does this on purpose.
My cousin Diana and I with Abuelo at his home.
The family out shopping at Santana Row.
This was Jeff''s gift to Abuelo. A painting of a German Shepherd with a painting of Willy Mays on the flip side. My gramps is into dogs and baseball.

Hope you had a happy birthday Abuelo! We love you!

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Alan said...

Great to see you guys last weekend!