Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I have Veteran's Day off today (thanks University!) so I'm curled up with my laptop drinking a cup of tea and browsing through my Google Reader. I came across the lovelydesign blog and Sharilyn posted that her address files were now available again in walnut. I've been coveting these suckers since I first saw them and was dying for one but they sell out faster than she can make them. Everything is handmade. The wood holders used to be made by her dad and now she locally sources them, and all of the address cards are cut by her from found and collected papers. The dividers are letterpressed and you can tell the amount of time and care put into each one. I think they're a steal at $65, considering that you can use it for life (more than you can say about an address book where you can't pull out entries), and the level of craftsmanship that go into them. I'm such a stationary dork too, anything to do with papers and wax seals and labels and I get giddy. My parents are giving me some fun monies to play with for my birthday so I'm pre-spending, and hoping it will arrive before that holiday weekend so I can spend it transferring addresses in time for Christmas cards. *Soooo happy*....

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