Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Soul Night!

Did you know that 1 in 4 McMillans are black? Jeff and I wanted to get in touch with our Afro-American roots so we jumped at Erika's suggestion of a Soul Food dinner party. We were going to have it for Mandy's birthday initially but with their move, and then Erika's move, etc etc, it got pushed back to last weekend. It was a blast and deeeelish. Way better than Roscoe's Chicken n' Waffles. 

On the menu, we had:
Bourbon and Peach Iced Tea cocktails- donated by MixMaster Jan
Grape Kool-Aid which everyone ignored in favor of Jan's preferred cocktails
Spicy Collard Greens- Jeff's dream came true
Drop Biscuits- made by the ever talented Zachary (Erika's date!)
Mac n' mad cheddar- another favorite, brought by Mandy. Pretty sure everyone had seconds or thirds of this one...
Southern mashed potatoes- sooo rich and sooo good. Made by the lovely Jana.
Black-eyed pea stew- this was incredible and made by Recipe Club member Erika. Jeff and I lived off the leftovers for a few days and were very happy campers.
Fried catfish- I made this one, Jeff fed the leftovers to the neighborhood stray kitties.
Apricot cobbler- Mandy made this and inscribed the dough crust with "Soul Night"
Sous vide strawberries and rhubarb with shortbread scones and freshly whipped cream- by Jerod and Karen. Jerod just made his own sous vide machine! Did I mention he's a physicist?

You're all totally jealous now. And hungry. Right? It was a feast and a half! We can't wait for the next party. The theme you ask? "Dinner of the Future" or "A Gourmet Take on Classic School Cafeteria Lunches". Voting begins NOW.


Mandy and Seth said...

man, that was great! i had to take my belt off!

Liv said...

The true sign of a good dinner party... :)