Wednesday, June 17, 2009

She's still alive!

You know how fast cats wake up to full alertness from a seemingly deep sleep almost instantaneously when they get touched, or hear a loud noise, or Jeff walks into the room? I do, and that's why I freaked out last night when I woke up and saw Lily Mae passed out on my pillow above my head and when I tried to move her, she was floppy and her head lolled around in my hand. I gasped and said loudly "LILY'S DEAD!" which woke up both Jeff and Lily Mae. She looked unconcerned and opened her eyes groggily. Jeff laughed at me but said he would have been really sad if she actually had died. I stayed up for another ten minutes poking her periodically and monitoring her breathing. She was fine this morning though and followed me around the house until I left. Cats are weird.

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