Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maker's Faire!

Oh how I've ignored you, my little blog. It's felt more blahg than blog lately, no? I'm freshly inspired now that the June gloom has passed for the afternoon and a little sunshine came out, just in time to cheer me up. Things have been hard at work lately but I'm trudging on.

Jeff and I drove up to the Bay Area last weekend to see the fam and pick up a trunk full of succulent clippings! Grammie, Josh Covey, and Jen all came through and got us some pretty fabulous new greenery for the house. Jeff also stole some clippers and an electric saw thing that scares me from his mom and promptly started hacking things down 5 minutes after we pulled in to our driveway. Photos of that to come later, when things start growing back.

While we were up there though, my mom and I went to the Maker's Faire at the San Mateo County Fairgrounds. It was NUTS! They expected about 20,000 people to attend. Uh, no. How about 100,000!! It was crazy popular and really difficult to find parking. We parked at the K-Mart and did a quick lap through the store before running out and walking down to the faire. It was really neat, so many creative people crammed in and showing off their creations. We had fun until a rocket exploded right behind us. My mom doesn't tolerate really loud things well plus we had done the full rounds so we left. Pictures!

The Mercedes Penz:
Some weird little house we didn't go in:
A life-sized version of the game Mouse Trap! So neat!

Magnetic Monsters from the craft tent, our favorite:
The new Tesla electric car. Cheetoh orange, just like Jan's 510!
This company is sooo cool. And of course I forgot their name. Jerod will tell me later. You send them your Google Sketch drawing and they make it structurally sound and convert it into pieces a fancy rotary cutter machine thing will cut out for you! Then it's just like assembling a puzzle.
This was the dog house they made. Our future dog will have a bigger and better one. Or at least one with a complete roof.
So Jerod and Jeff are going to have a little competition in the trash boat category. This guy also made a boat out of "found" materials! His looks like it would be a little more successful on the h

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