Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to us! Jeff and I took off for Palm Springs on Sunday and spent the day plus most of Monday puttering around and doing rad things. It was a pretty constant 90 degrees there but it didn't feel so sweltering because of the wind. It was lovely.
Don't tell Jeff but the main reason I booked us a hotel for our anniversay in Palm Springs was so I could go to the Design Within Reach Annex on the main drag in P.S. It was great, except everything was discounted from an insane amount of money to a ridiculous amount of money. Like this amazing oversized desk lamp. This was our favorite piece in the store. I think it'd be hilarious on top of a desk. A really sturdy desk. It was discounted from like $9,000 to $4,900. A deal, but still too rich for our blood.
The Ace hotel was sooooo cool. We were thrilled with it from the very beginning. We highly recommend a stay here, but skip the restaurant if you're hungry.

This was our garden patio where we spent a lot of time. The room had double doors that opened on to it doubling your hotel room space. It was shaded and had a cool rocking chair and we enjoyed it thoroughly.
The room came with a vintage record player and some records which was a neat touch.

The room also came with a weird hobbit cape and walking staff. Bizarre...
The mini bar! Holy moly... we were about to dig in when we heard a knock at our door. Our front desk friend that checked us in brought us champagne on ice! It pays to drop hints about how it's your first anniversary and how excited you are to spend it at the Ace hotel and my oh my, I can't wait to celebrate with a toast. :)
So instead of the King's Highway restaurant, go to Las Casitas on Palm Canyon Road. We had an awesome lunch here. The huevos rancheros were superb and the house margaritas were delightful. Jeff snapped the picture right after my first sip which was pretty much straight tequila. Oy!
Presents!! I have the best hubby in the world! Jeff went on a little Anthropologie spending spree for me and got me this adorable wooden elephant bottle opener whom I have named Sharon, the best smelling candle in the world (angel food cake), and the Domino book! My mom beat him to the punch on that one and gifted me the Domino book for Christmas, but it's the thought that counts. The thought and the gift receipt that will let me exchange it for another Anthropologie treasure!
The hotel had a bunch of fireplace nooks all around the grounds so we stopped and enjoyed the roaring flames for awhile after dinner.
This one is for my Mutha. Word.
Jeff tried to take me to the Living Desert to show me all of the rich people homes, but instead we got turned around at the rich people gates.
On the way home to Long Beach, we stopped in Cabazon to see the dinosaurs and the outlets! I wanted to see the dinosaurs and Jeff was all about the outlets, obviously.
Remember in Pee Wee's Big Adventure when they went up in this thing!? That was the coolest. We were going to also but it was $5 each and we had no cash. Ah well, next time.

When we got home we broke out our toasting glasses from the wedding (thanks Mom!), popped open the Sofia we didn't get a chance to drink, and toasted to a successful year of marriage now under our belts.

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