Thursday, June 11, 2009

Because we hate children

Actually, we love children. We hate neglectful parents that let their hellbeast monster children play unattended in our front yard, pushing their broken Big Toy truck over our lawn and leaving their wrappers from Ice Cream Truck treats in our bushes.

So getting a front yard fence suddenly skyrocketed to the top of our house wish list. We want one that complements the Craftsman style of the house, has two gates- one for the front door and one for the side door by the driveway, and will keep out the monster children and pooping Chihuahuas. We'd like to build it ourselves (is that crazy? Is it pointless because these styles shouldn't be that expensive to buy? I'm going to need quotes.) so it also needs to be simple. Maybe pre-made. We'll see.

These are fences that we loved from around the neighborhood that we'd like to copy:

This is Jeffy in front of the Rose Park Gazebo. This park is in a roundabout in the CUTEST neighborhood ever, just on the other side of the train tracks from our house. We want to live here. In the neighborhood, not the gazebo.

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Mandy and Seth said...

I love that neighborhood too! it's so cute. i used to drive out of my way to drive through it. i like that second fence with the cutouts a lot!