Thursday, June 25, 2009


Jerod and I discovered a wonderful farmer's market that is held every Wednesday in Belmont Shore, which ends just about the time we get home from work, meaning DEALS! For $7 I got a huge bunch of Queen Anne's Lace (my favorite filler flower), a ton of large patty pan squashes, a bunch of radishes, huge garlics and shallots. And Jerod got about a million peaches for a couple bucks. Bet he regretted that later in the evening...

I love IKEA. Have I ever mentioned that? Yes, I believe so. I remember being SO excited to go when I was little and we were visiting family in Norway and Sweden, before it came to the States. It was a whole new design aesthetic, and I loved it. The only sucky part was not being able to bring anything back with us! I got a few little treasures, but the furniture was a big fat NO. Anyways, I just went the other weekend and they have their new summer items. I got more cheap fabric, the same bird pattern that I got before but now with specks of green in it, and gray leaves. That one might become bedroom curtains.

And then check these out! A Swedish horse cake pan!! I made brownies in this sucker the afternoon that I bought it, to bring to Mandy and Seth's housewarming party. It made me laugh. The cookie cutters are also really bizarre. I was unaware Scandinavia had porcupines. More Norwegian than Swedish I think (since a whale is thrown in there) so I had to get them.

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