Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Greenery on the Homestead

Our plants are thriving! I forgot to take pictures of our bathtub of succulents in the backyard and the ones that Jeff planted in the front yard, but bigger front yard projects are on the horizon so you'll see pictures soon. My edible flowers and herb garden seems to be quite happy in our sun room, but I'm afraid they're growing out of their corn husk planters. Some transplanting may be in order...

These are the staghorn ferns I've been wanting forever that Jen snagged for us at her nursery! Aren't they cool looking? They get to be massive so I'm glad they started out cute and petite.

Our trash cans took awhile to sprout up again but the microgreens, broccoli and basil seem to finally be coming along.


Round 2 on the basil = SUCCESS! Pesto everything, here we come.

MY mom cross-stitched this little beauty. It was a motivational message from the government during the world war, but it certainly applies to these times as well. I don't get overwhelmed easily I like to think, but when I do it's nice to take a deep breath and recite this.

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