Saturday, April 19, 2014

We should let the agents come to us, right?

Elsa is a professional model!! She just did her first (and probably last, I was kidding about wanting her to be a model. SCIENTIST!) photo shoot for Bell Helmets. Our friend Niki works for them and she so kindly gifted Elsa a sassy Paul Frank helmet a few months back, which Elsa happily wore, we took a picture, sent it to Niki, who then gave it to the Bell executives (this is conjecture at this point by the way), who then freaked out because they found the PERFECT toddler model for their new catalog!

Fast forward to last Wednesday, they were doing the photo shoot in Huntington Beach and we were all supposed to come so they could photograph us as a family. I WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A MODEL TOO!! But then stupid science got in the way, and instead of becoming famous and frolicking in front of a camera while wearing a helmet, I had to deal with a clinical trial audit instead. Awesommmmmme.

So the two Karens stepped in and brought Jude and Henry to model along with Elsa instead. Which I guess was cool. I still get a free helmet out of it though so that's my consolation prize.

They surprisingly had a helmet in Jeff's size so he got to model too.

 Modeling is hard work! Poor tired famous baby...

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