Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Demo Day 1 Done!

The demo is *almost* all done, not bad for the first day! They are going to pull up the floors later, and focus on moving the wall between the bathroom and kitchen and the rest of the new framing tomorrow. I think they'll also be moving the window up maybe tomorrow or Thursday? 

It's really amazing what two guys can get done in under 8 hours.

They cut out the space for the laundry closet so the framing can go up tomorrow too.

The kitty boys were so curious about the whole thing. I thought they'd be cowering in our bedroom during all of this but they were out and up against that plastic sheeting wanting to know what was going on in their kitchen. After the construction guys were gone, I let them explore a bit but sealed it back up for the night because there's a big hole in the new bathroom that goes I think into the wall cavity or underneath the house that they were sniffing around. Don't worry Jan, I sealed it up tightly and blocked off access with a bunch of heavy boxes so they definitely can't get in.

I was worried that they would find mold, or asbestos, or leaking pipes, or faulty electrical, but once everything was opened up, the guy said everything looked fine and commented on how houses just aren't built as well or as solid as they were back in the day.

Here's Tyr sniffing around that escape route hole. I hissed and he jumped back. Then I blocked it off not only to prevent the pageant cats from going in it, but also for the very un-pageant rats that might come up through it. I'll be very happy when drywall day is here...

Back on for tomorrow at 7:30am! Maybe floors will come out and walls will go up?

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