Thursday, April 24, 2014

Day 3

Laundry room! Looks kind of like a phone booth in here now. I'm kind of torn on repainting this entire room. That was my first plan, to go white to match the hallway and kitchen but is that just unnecessary work? The gray paint is still in great shape in the rest of the room, and we'd just need to paint up this closet to make it match. I think we even have some leftover... hm. Decisions.

The guys were here all day again finishing up the framing for this closet and the bumped out wall, and a lot of electrical planning. Poor Robbie had to go under the house and in the attic a bunch of times to locate junction boxes or something like that. Chris drew in where the cabinets are going and thank the sweet baby Jesus, everything fits and my measurements were right.

They cut out the damaged areas of the plaster and I think drywall is only going in those holes down here, and no other wall sections need to come out.

And here's the bumped out wall, with the old wall now gone and the ceiling joists scissored (or something like that. I spend my day working from my laptop in the living room while straining to overhear them talking about the juicy details).

Plumbing tomorrow! 

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