Friday, April 25, 2014

It's all in the details...

The guys are doing more electrical today and it got me thinking about switches and cover plates. We have the brushed nickel cover plates in the bathroom to coordinate with the fixtures in there and they really class it up, so I want to do that in the new kitchen too. I'm kind of torn between brushed brass cover plates to match the cabinet hardware, and these white enameled ones I found at West Elm. They're a little chippy though which I can't tell if I like yet or not. I guess I could just buy them, try them out and return them if I'm not into them.

This picture from Schoolhouse Electric though is definitely swaying me towards the brass plates and black outlets/switches. Classy! And I hate cleaning finger smudges off light switches so these come with the added bonus of never having to do that. Is it weird to have these be different in the kitchen and new bath than everywhere else in the house though? What's your vote on the cover plates? White enamel with black outlets/switches, or brass with the black?

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